Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We Can Defeat Harry Reid!

Reid Says Taxes Are Voluntary!

Click here to see the famous Reid "Taxes are Voluntary" Video.

Senator Harry Reid of Nevada is as unpopular in his home state as he is with you and me! But he has a ton of money he has raised in Washington from special interests with whom Reid has cut deals as the Senate Majority Leader.

Solid Constitutional Conservative Sharon Angle, with the support of the Tea Party Express, recently won the Republican nomination to take on Reid in November.

Now we have to beat Reid. If we can elect Sharon Angle, it will go a long way to taking back the Senate from the wild spending liberals who are mortgaging the very future of our nation, those who supported TARP and the bank bailouts, the advocates of new VAT tax increases.

Click here to help defeat "Taxes are Voluntary" Harry Reid.

But it will not be easy. The big money will go to Reid. They now he will play ball with them, because he has been playing ball with them for decades. The last thing the special interests want is a proven conservative like Sharon Angle who stands with us, not with them!

Your Tax Action PAC will invest every net dollar raised in our campaign to defeat Harry Reid and his liberal agenda. No one at the Tax Action PAC is on a salary, we have virtually no overhead, so we can invest every net penny raised to the campaign to defeat the Reid agenda, and take a giant step toward taking back the Senate!

Click here now to take action to defeat Harry Reid and help elect the solid Constitutional Conservative Sharon Angle to replace him.

Sharon Angle has been endorsed by:

Neal Boortz
Tea Party Express
Sarah Palin
Michael Reagan
Newt Gingrich
Rush Limbaugh
Tax Action PAC

And every other major conservative leader and endorsing conservative organization!

Click here to help defeat "Taxes are Voluntary" Harry Reid.

Contributions are not tax deductible.

This has been a special message from the Tax Action PAC, and does not necessarily represent the view of, or an endorsement by the Online Tax Revolt and Americans for Fair Taxation.

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